Sam Kaplan builds with candy, cookies and gum

Photographer Sam Kaplan builds majestic architectural monuments out of small edibles. His work shows us the beauty and possibility in a stick of gum. Play with your food and find out what unusual art may be hidden on your plate. For more images check out these Design Boom articles: sam kaplan forms sweet architectural… Read More Sam Kaplan builds with candy, cookies and gum

Visualizing Hungryphil: An Exercise of Food and Design

For the past few years this blog has been my space to play with tastes, images and thoughts that relate food, design and philosophy. You, my gracious readers, have endured the thematic restlessness between inauthentic recipes, food poems, food writing excerpts and random questioning. Still, sometimes I don’t know how to explain what this blog… Read More Visualizing Hungryphil: An Exercise of Food and Design

The Egg and GINA, A Tale of Two Cars

My love of all things “egglike” is well documented. By me.  So, it was no surprise that at the end of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Dream Cars exhibition, my “what dream car are you” personality quiz result was Paul Arzens’ 1942 L’Oeuf Électrique.  Image from: Image from: Designed during the German occupation… Read More The Egg and GINA, A Tale of Two Cars

Justaddwater: Bringing molecular gastronomy home

The January issue of the popular design magazine Metropolis has a short story about the designed nutrition and flavor system branded “justaddwater.” The designers call this a nutrition ecosystem that adjusts to the needs of the user, recommends and prepares appropriate meals (with the inclusion of flavor pills and fresh ingredients). Its like a strange… Read More Justaddwater: Bringing molecular gastronomy home

Rain. Sorry, lunch is cancelled. Marti Guixe and Antto Melasniemi’s Solar Kitchen Restaurant for Lapin Kulta is a fantastic exploration our tolerance for uncertainty coupled with our acceptance of complex natural and artificial processes. Since the meals are cooked with solar power, a cloudy day or rain can significantly affect the taste, timing and delivery of the meal. The… Read More Rain. Sorry, lunch is cancelled.