DHUA’S CHICKEN PULAO (American Kitchen Update)

Chicken                   1 Yogurt                      ¼ cup Onion Puree         2 tbs Ginger Paste         1 tbs Garlic Paste           1 tsp Mace                         ¼ tsp Nutmeg                   ¼ tsp Salt                            1 tsp Cardamom             3 or 4 Cinnamon              ½ inch stick Bay leaf                    1 Shan Morog Pulao or Biriyani spice 1 tsp Dried Plum/ Prunes          6 or 7 Butter / Ghee… Read More DHUA’S CHICKEN PULAO (American Kitchen Update)

Jackfruit, revealed

First, a confession. (For those of you who enjoy jackfruit, I apologize if my comments offend you.) I’m not the biggest fan of jackfruit……..something about the heavy scent, stinging sweet taste and slimy mouth feel. Occasionally, I have enjoyed a piece or two of the fleshy sweetness that seems to cross a banana, mango and… Read More Jackfruit, revealed

Eating Glocal

  My lunch in Dhaka, Bangladesh today. It was surprisingly good. Fried chicken meets South Asia…chopped, stir  fried with onions, green chilies, cilantro and served with rice. Did it taste like something from KFC? Not really. But, the packaging insisted otherwise. By the end of the meal I was almost convinced that it was an… Read More Eating Glocal

Food, Color and Happiness

Truck Image from: http://www.saglobalaffairs.com/features/1445-a-moving-riot-of-color.html A blogger from Tasmania, Australia, Harry wrote an entry entitled The Happiest City in the World that referred to Rajshahi, Bangladesh, voted the happiest city on earth by the World Happiness Survey in 2006. What accounts for the happiness in such a difficult social, political and economic context? He asked. His blog… Read More Food, Color and Happiness