“Undigested Feelings” – Advice Not Given by Mark Epstein

    “Emotional content needs a welcoming attitude; otherwise it will remain undigested, waiting to jump out at inopportune times.” As a hungry philosopher, you can see why the above quote would resonate with me. I’ve thought about digesting yummy tastes, good-for-you food and empowering nutrition. I hadn’t thought about a range “undigested emotions” from… Read More “Undigested Feelings” – Advice Not Given by Mark Epstein

Non-Judgemental Judgement?

The practices of yoga and social work both encourage maintaining an attitude of non-judgemental judgment. This requirement feels like Kant’s demand for an “disinterested interest” in the judgments of beauty. Suffering, care, and beauty all depend on our ability to notice what is happening without forcing theoretical preconceptions. Practicing this attitude of noticing without prejudice… Read More Non-Judgemental Judgement?