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Food Poem – Market Day by Linda Pastan

This poem beautifully illustrates the universal principle of local food.  Food memories and experiences across space and time have a common language. Have a wonderful week everyone!   We have … Continue reading

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Food Poem – Nurse by Dorianne Laux

Here is a strange poem connecting a nurse’s day to her dinner at home and her children. It celebrates the body mediated by a mom, a nurse through a combination … Continue reading

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Food Poem – The First Green of Spring by David Budbill

This is the perfect poem for today, Amani’s birthday. Happy 22nd Birthday my baby.  May we all celebrate “this green, this life.” Out walking in the swamp picking cowslip, marsh … Continue reading

April 27, 2017 · 2 Comments

Wobblyogi Wednesday – Yoga Poem- The Necessary Brevity of Pleasures by Samuel Hazo

Enjoy this yoga AND a food poem celebrating moderation. May we all have the wisdom to “savor every bite of grub with equal gratitude.” Prolonged, they slacken into pain or … Continue reading

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Wobblyogi Wednesday – Learning to Breathe

I am fighting a battle; I fear I am losing. It started as a cute blossom filled spring-time allergy that morphed into an angry full-blown, noisy nose blowing, scratchy throat … Continue reading

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Yoga Poem – Be Kind by Michael Blumenthal

Not merely because Henry James said there were but four rules of life— be kind be kind be kind be kind—but because it’s good for the soul, and, what’s more, … Continue reading

April 14, 2017 · 4 Comments

Wobblyogi Wednesday – Dance Mom Meditation

Here is the meditation that helped me emotionally survive a weekend of dance competition. Almost. Our late start Saturday morning thankfully gave me time to sit for 20 minutes. The … Continue reading

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Wobblyogi Wednesday: Book Club Workshop and Eats

Last weekend our yoga book club met to talk, practice, eat, watch a documentary and talk some more. The three hours flew by. Jacqueline lead us through a beautiful asana … Continue reading

April 5, 2017 · 4 Comments

Food Poem – Making Risotto for Dinner When His Ex-Wife Calls by Kendra Tanacea

I myself am an ex-wife and I’m also the wife cooking dinner during an ex-wife phone call. I feel the discomfort of intrusion from both perspectives. It is the unwelcome … Continue reading

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Me, a hungry philosopher?

I am a self-proclaimed food philosopher. Maybe I’ll be able to convince a few others of my suspicion after “How to Eat Bittermelons and Brownies: Recipes from a Philosopher Mom” … Continue reading

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