Food Poem – In the Produce Aisle by Kirsten Dierking

In the vivid redof the fresh berries,in the pebbled skinof an emerald lime,in the bright colorsof things madeto be transitory, you see the samelovelinessyou find in your owndelicate flesh,the lines fannedaround your eyescharming likethe burnishof plums, your life likeall the otherfragile organics,your soft handhovering overthe succulent apple,you reach for it,already transforming. Kirsten Dierking, “In the… Read More Food Poem – In the Produce Aisle by Kirsten Dierking

Food Poem – Monday by Cindy Gregg

On this first day of Novemberit is cold as a cave,the sky the colorof neutral third parties.I am cutting carrotsfor the chicken soup.Knife against carrotagain and againsends a plop of penniesinto the pan.These cents,when held to the gray light,hold no noble president,only stillsof some kaleidoscopecaught being pensive…and beautiful,in the eye of this beholder,who did not… Read More Food Poem – Monday by Cindy Gregg

Food Poem by Brad Ricca

The Beautiful Sandwich She could always makethe most beautiful sandwich.Laced swiss cheese: slicedcrossways, folded once.Ham in rolls like sleeping bags.Turkey piled like shirts.Tarragon. Oregano. Pepper.Herb dill mayonnaise the color ofskin. On top: the thin, wandering line ofmustardlike a contour on a mapin a thin, flat drawer.Or a single, lost vein.The poppyseeds hold on,for now. Placed… Read More Food Poem by Brad Ricca

Things That Cannot Die by Paige Riehl

A spoon in a cup of tea.Letters in yellow envelopes,the way a hand pushed linesinto the soft paper.Morning laughter.A white shirt drapedover her chair.An open window. The air.Call of one blackbird.Silence of another.November. Summer.My love for you, I say.My love for you infinitytimes a million, my son says.Sounds of piano notesas they rest in treetops.The… Read More Things That Cannot Die by Paige Riehl