Baking – Poem

On Approaching Seventy by Joan Seliger Sidney Watching the hands of my son kneading challah dough on the maple cutting board in my kitchen, a memory rises of my mother bending over our kitchen table in Flatbush, pressing, stretching, folding flour, water, eggs into a living elastic. Sometimes in my dreams, Mom appears, whispers of… Read More Baking – Poem

BakingPhil Project 3: Lemon Tea Bread (Recipe 6.17)

The last two mixing methods, biscuit and muffin have been exercises of gentility, of assembling an aggregate of ingredients. Learning to mix “just until combined.” It required trust that the heat of the oven will meld all the pieces into a final tasty product. This week’s mixing technique “creaming” usually seems partner to with “folding”… Read More BakingPhil Project 3: Lemon Tea Bread (Recipe 6.17)