Recipe Test: Baked Banana Chocolate Wontons


Many thanks to the Wishful Chef and her recipe for Baked Banana Chocolate Wontons. Big hit with my 14-year-old. We are inspired to try other fillings. Crunchy, guilt-free snack. How rare!

  1. Place a slice of banana and a few chocolate chips on a wonton wrapper piece. Fold over. Seal with water.

  2. Place on baking tray in single layer. Spray with cooking oil of your choice.

  3. Bake about 10 minutes until crispy in a 400-degree oven.

I sprinkled mine with powdered sugar. You can leave plain, drizzle honey, chocolate syrup.. although that that point it won’t be very “healthy.”

Go to the Wishful Chef website for this recipe and more at


Wishing you a tasty weekend,


The East Berliner, 1989 – Food Poem by Ginger Murchison

The humble banana becomes an expression of welcome, joy, defiance, transition, love, plenty and evidence in this unlikely food poem. Enjoy!

They didn’t come for the bananas,
but everyone who came through
that hole in the wall wanted one,
the West ready with its Welkommen!
mountains of yellow.
After twenty-eight years of concrete-cold
days and only those few flowers
defiant in the cracks of denial,
imagine the yellow-fresh sight,
that spike on the tongue,
the fireworks and flares
shot through the half-language
of heavy machines shattering
the cold Baltic chill, the half-song,
half-wail of horns, sirens and shouts
and behind it all, Beethoven’s 9th,
then that East Berliner, shuffling out,
hatless and dazed in a worm-eaten brown coat
to see it, and not believe it—
the bright yellow word he’ll take home
to his wife, tight in his fist.

“The East Berliner, 1989” by Ginger Murchison from A Scrap of Linen, A Bone. © Press, 53, 2016.