Wobblyogi Wednesday – Patanjali 101, Week 3 Notes – Death

My favorite moment this week involved, Judith Lasater’s discussion of corpse pose, Savasana. Death. “By admitting death, Savasana teaches us how to live,” paraphrasing Lasater. She spoke about fully investing in our breath, intentions and movement as we practice asana so that we can let go during Savasana without restlessness.  Most poignantly for me, she… Read More Wobblyogi Wednesday – Patanjali 101, Week 3 Notes – Death

Wobblyogi Wednesday – Self-Study (svadhyaya)

The kriya yoga component of svadhayaya or self-study naturally resonates with the philosophical imperative to pursue an examined life. In the triad of tapas-svadhaya–isvarapranidhana-kriya-yoga (Pada 2, 1st sutra), self-study connects, the seemingly opposing directions of actively approaching the difficult and again actively surrendering. Self-reflection, in the yogic context,  is the necessary intermediate key between engagement… Read More Wobblyogi Wednesday – Self-Study (svadhyaya)

Wobblyogi Wednesday – ‘Nirodhah’ Finding Resolution

“In yoga, philosophy, and practice are married,” says, Judith Hanson Lasater in the first Q&A section of her (and her daughter’s) course, Patanjali 101. Further on, she explains that to understand Patanjali intuitively we have to feel moments of self-doubt, to feel how our memory pulls us away from the mat, to feel how our… Read More Wobblyogi Wednesday – ‘Nirodhah’ Finding Resolution