The Martian – Food an Enabling Constraint of Survival


Recently I enjoyed the book and the movie “The Martian.” No spoiler alerts. Although the plot is public for anyone who reads. I would like to point out for all my fellow hungry philosophers that throughout the movie (especially during the first half) the protagonist is almost always eating. His survival depends on his ability to continue eating. He is not happy when he runs out of ketchup and coffee, a crushing blow to his humanity. Food is a central character in the movie that demands attention and sets the pace. The book details Mark Watney’s food rations, his allotment of “real meals” for celebration, consolation and congratulations, his caloric calculations, his arduous process of farming, his cooking of potatoes etc. Imagine if we all did the same. Makes me want to start a food journal.

The podcast Food: Non-Fiction interviews the author, Andy Weir and worth a listen. Enjoy.