I don’t follow recipes: I love Cookbooks

I don’t follow recipes. Why then you might ask, “Do you have so many cookbooks?” Fair question. Cookbooks are for me narratives, sometimes exotic, sometimes familiar, always poetic. Here is a fantastic example, from Bangkok: Recipes and stories from the Heart of Thailand by Leela Punyaratabandhu: My great-grand parents always greeted guests with a silver… Read More I don’t follow recipes: I love Cookbooks

Golden ‘Om’elette

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about the magical anti-inflammatory benefits of Tumeric.  I feel like a childhood friend has suddenly found celebrity. A spice used so regularly in the South Asian kitchen that it is sadly like salt, easily overlooked.  I caught myself searching for recipes online for Tumeric uses that included golden milk… Read More Golden ‘Om’elette