super BOWL 2014

yes….mind the ALL Caps on BOWL. This is how I understand the event. The food. The game has been explained to me multiple times and now I’m embarrassed to ask again. So…..I eat and swallow my ignorance, only to join the cheer or boo’s as necessary.

This year was great. Not because of the game (the outcome is irrelevant to me) but because I tried new recipes and feel like I could invest in the game and its commercials vicariously.

I tried:

Cincinnati Chill:

Homesteader Cornbread:

Baked Buffalo Wings:

Nigella’s No Churn Coffee Ice-cream:

Meyer Lemon Bars:

Tyler Florence Berry Trifle:

All of the recipes tasted wonderful. Finding the right recipes online takes practice and imagination. And, trust.

A lot of times I just get ideas and inspiration from the network shows. Like making shrimp toast…there were shows celebrating the Chinese New Year.

I wonder how cooks find the recipes they want to use? Do they have criteria? Follow the reviews. How did I decide? Imagined the process, looked at the ingredients, watched the show? I don’t have a system. Do I need one? For now, I’m too busy stuffing my face with this sweet and sour piece of heaven. I’ll think about it later.


6 thoughts on “super BOWL 2014

    • lisabanu

      Great! I’m new to blogging so I’m still trying to figure out the kinks, like contact details. I’m working on it. I’m sure there’s a button somewhere that I need to press :o)


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