Rain. Sorry, lunch is cancelled.



Marti Guixe and Antto Melasniemi’s Solar Kitchen Restaurant for Lapin Kulta is a fantastic exploration our tolerance for uncertainty coupled with our acceptance of complex natural and artificial processes. Since the meals are cooked with solar power, a cloudy day or rain can significantly affect the taste, timing and delivery of the meal. The restaurant invites consumers willing to be flexible participants of an orchestrated but not determined event. It challenges consumers models of mass and mechanical efficiency and product predictability with the joy of considered and uncertain localized experience. The factors that would make my lunch delicious would include not only the prowess of the chef, the freshness of the ingredients but also the weather and the strength of the sun. My lunch becomes a recognized cosmic event! Probably, not the best idea for a school cafeteria….or maybe the perfect idea to demonstrate the complex web of natural and artificial things that makes lunch possible.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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