Appetite (Poem)


by Maxine Kumin

I eat these
wild red raspberries
still warm from the sun
and smelling faintly of jewelweed
in memory of my father

tucking the napkin
under his chin and bending
over an ironstone bowl
of the bright drupelets
awash in cream

my father
with the sigh of a man
who has seen all and been redeemed
said time after time
as he lifted his spoon

men kill for this.

“Appetite” by Maxine Kumin, from Selected Poems: 1960-1990. © Norton, 1990. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

2 thoughts on “Appetite (Poem)

  1. kera

    Ooh! Lisa! Did you ever read Bich Nguyen’s Stealing Buddha’s Dinner? It’s become a foundational text for Asian American food studies and really just makes you want to eat a lot of Pringles.


    • lisabanu

      I sure did! Food in Literature would be a fun class. I should start a reading and movie list on this blog. Like Water for Chocolate, the image of Slyvia Plath baking cakes, the food in the Hours, the cake in the same movie. Hmmm…lots of references I can’t remember now. Thanks for giving me the idea!


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