Testing Light Mac and Cheese (Martha Stewart)


Had broccoli and not much else at home this evening. Found this recipe online searching “broccoli recipes” on the Martha Stewart site. Aside from a few substitutions: cream cheese, skim milk, red onion and a few additions of extra broccoli, hot sauce and nutmeg, I did follow the recipe (surprisingly!).

This recipe, a combination of broccoli cheese soup and pasta with alfredo sauce, is a good base for many experiments to come. Too luxurious to be called “light.” Well… its “lighter” than an original version with whole milk and heavy cheese but not as light as having a bowl of broccoli with whole wheat pasta dressed in olive oil and garlic. Nevertheless, testing and tasting this bubbly mac and cheese recipe was well worth it on this rainy spring evening. That’s my story for tonight. Dinner saved!

But I really need to stop by the grocery store tomorrow………….

Wishing you happy dinner wherever you are,



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