Warm Mother’s Day Wishes with a Bowl of Braised Short Ribs and Polenta


If you have a weekend to work off a good meal, here’s an idea:  Braised short ribs with Creamy Polenta and Oreo Brownies. Yes it was, over the top. Wow! I really don’t need to say anymore. Both easy recipes. Very forgiving. Didn’t have carrots, didn’t feel the need to reduce the braising liquid, didn’t really have the best short ribs either, didn’t have enough parmesean for the polenta…still delicious and creamy. The brownies…well…I don’t think I ate more than a few bites….super chocolatey…really needs the milk alongside, as the recipe warns. So, be warned. This was an easy recipe to make and very easy to eat. Maybe too easy. Perfect for a weekend treat. Or a beloved’s homecoming.

Had salad and soup for dinner tonight. I feel less guilty about last night. Tomorrow is Mother’s day…all bets are off.

Wishing all of you hungry moms a very warm satisfying meal and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY,



http://www.yummly.com/recipe/external/Oreo-Brownies-976297 for the Idea Room

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