The Egg and GINA, A Tale of Two Cars


My love of all things “egglike” is well documented. By me.  So, it was no surprise that at the end of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Dream Cars exhibition, my “what dream car are you” personality quiz result was Paul Arzens’ 1942 L’Oeuf Électrique


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Paul Arzen

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Designed during the German occupation of France when oil was in very short supply this short, pudgy, aluminum electric car perhaps does fit my personal obsession with food and design. Also like me it is not very safe or very fast. It’ll get you where you need to go in an odd, unconventional way. Maybe this dream car personality test is on to something.

Just to give you perspective, Jim, my geeky yet suave beloved’s dream car personality is the very cool BMW stretched fabric car GINA (2001).


Image from:

Yep. We are both unique in our own way. Enough said…….


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I hope you get to see these amazing concept cars if you haven’t already. And, take the personality quiz while you’re there!



Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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