Chicago Food Tour – hosted by Kitchen Art

Yesterday’s Chicago food tour continued this morning with sunny-side up eggs, croissants from Delightful Pastries and a warm cup of black coffee.  A delightful morning indeed! Saturday was a day full of wonderful and delicious culinary discoveries. Thank you Larry for curating an amazing experience that included, fish, doughnuts, Indian food, spices, chocolate, olive oils, pastries and a mega mall size experience of Italian food. Thanks to the trip I have new spices to play with like, sumac, Chinese five spice and zaatar. Besides the flaky buttery croissants, we also sampled a piece of chocolate cake, a lemon bar, a peanut butter raspberry bar, a slice of tiramisu, samosas, laddoos…what am I forgetting? Oh yes…and we fried the fresh fish. Did I mention that was just today AFTER the food tour yesterday. I feel like the hungry caterpillar in the children’s story. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the treadmill and the yoga mat. What weekend culinary discoveries fuel you this week?

Wishing you a delicious week ahead,


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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