No Cook and Cooked

I have no weekend cooking experiments to report this Monday. To the relief of my family, once in a while I do cook the same dish twice. This Sunday Swedish Meatballs were requested. I used this easy tried and true recipe from food blogger Jo Cooks. The mixture of ground beef and chicken make these meatballs a bit lighter in texture and flavor. The meal also included broccoli, peas and roasted brussels sprouts. It was a tasty way to end the weekend. Sadly….no dessert. But….today I’m about to eat something delicious that I may have made up. Its an adaptation of a Jamaican rice recipe with coconut milk and a whole scotch bonnet pepper that soothingly accompanies refreshing black beans and spicy jerk chicken. My version involves sauteing a cup of rice with a tablespoon of oil, adding all my left over vegetables (in my case peas, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale and mushrooms), a can of drained black beans, a can of coconut milk and a can a water. Simmer. The result is a hearty flavorful rice dish studded with beans and vegetables. The slight heat of the whole scotch bonnet contrasts gently with  the sweetness of the coconut milk. Can’t wait for this bowl of moist fried rice goodness, my Monday reward for surviving another busy weekend.


I also want to sing the praises of the Netflix documentary Cooked. I binge watched all four episodes: Fire, Water, Air and Earth (and re-read Michael Pollan’s book by the same title). With Pollan we travel to far away places across the world and are also invited to his home as he brings home lessons learned. Visually the documentary is a work of art. I have never seen such beauty in a boiling pot or a heap of decaying food. Please see it for yourself. It is rare a celebration of our humanity practiced in making and sharing food. Makes me want to cook. More.

There is a bowl of coconutty veggie filled rice calling my name. Can’t wait to share it with my veggie loving baby, Atiya.

Wishing you happy Monday lunch,







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