Cuban Coffee Chronicles – Day 8

Day 8 was devoted to manly things: Cars and cigars.


We woke up to a view of Havana from our hotel window. First, a little of taste of 1950s cars for the car lovers on the bus.


The drivers and owners of these cars beam with pride. Such joy. They carry note cards with all the information about the cars for curious tourists.

Walking around in Havana was a delight. I found a cookbook at the book market!

After a stroll, we were introduced to a “cuban marriage.” Cigar, rum and coffee. We watched how cigars are meticulously rolled. Yet, another art form.

We had lunch…..the casava soup was the best part…

We did a short tour of Havana in caravans of classic cars. One stop was at the biggest public square.


We visited a place where they restore old American cars. Hiring sculptors from the art schools, they do amazing work refurbishing cars over a half century old! The owner was articulate and welcoming. He talked about the challenges of balancing passion and profit in running a business.

Briefly visited a craft market that was the size of a football field. Huge. Hot.

I ended our last day in Cuba resting in the hotel room and had to miss our farewell dinner. Too much sun, too much heat, too much food. A really good day and was thankful to have the extra rest.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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