Feeding the Reflections Group

This month I had the privilege of helping transform donated canned and frozen goods at a local shelter into shareable meals for the group. I’ve learned so much more than I have given.  Food, in the context of supporting the empowerment of women, can become a totem of ability, self-sufficiency, voice, and pleasure.  Maybe a bowl of fruit cobbler and ice cream can help someone feel cared for, included in a group and worthy of pleasure.

One of my favorite things as a mom has been making after-school snacks for my daughters in an attempt to welcome them home with yummy bites, to allow them to relax and to encourage them to share the day’s events. Nourishment in the fullest sense of physical and emotional support. It is the same reason we take food to an ailing or grieving friend. Cooking for the women’s group, working hard to find ease, is no different. Maybe there a group you would like to nourish and fuel.

Here is the intent, menu, and skills offered last week:

1. Nourishing and Building a family of supportive Women

2. Exploring cooking skills and techniques to nourish ourselves

3. Utilize available food resources And limit Food waste


Southern Fried Salmon Cake Sliders [using canned salmon at the shelter pantry]

Coleslaw [this was my contribution]

Cherry Dump Cake [ one bag of cherries from the shelter freezer]

Skills and Techniques

Cake Patties:

Any canned protein or leftover meat + eggs + Starch (flour, breadcrumbs, crackers, cornmeal, mashed potatoes) + shallow fry = yumminess

Add sautéed or raw chopped vegetables for added moisture and flavor. Add favorite seasonings, like hot sauce, Old Bay or Italian, chicken etc. Using shelf stable items a salmon, tuna, meat patties can be a good last minute meal.

Dump Cake:

Mix any cake mix with a stick of melted butter sprinkle over any fruit pie filling, cherry, apple, peaches and bake at 375 for about 30 minutes until the crumbles are cooked and browned….again these items can live in your kitchen until sweet cravings hit.

Wishing all of you a nourishing weekend,


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