Pierogi Fest 2017 – Second Visit

For parents of school age kids, like me, back to school marks the end of summer, even if days are still long and the weather warm. For us, school starts this Thursday. There is both sadness and relief. This Monday I find myself already looking back at summer. How does summer end for you?

The scarcity of blog posts over the summer attest to the abundance of travel, fun, and food I enjoyed. Maybe by sharing these food stories with you, I can extend summer for just a bit longer.

Here is what I learned at this year’s Pierogi Fest (Whiting, Indiana, last weekend of July):

  • Saurkraut and mushroom pierogies are my favorite.
  • Fried pierogies are crispy but pan fried have the best of both worlds: chewy on one side and soft on the other.
  • Fried Oreos with ice-cream is surprisingly okay.

This was my second time at the event. Last year I wrote about it here.  Eating our way through various pierogi stalls continues to be a fun way to spend a summer evening in northern Indiana. Although Polish in invitation the event includes, Italian, Cajun, Latin and other global flavors, as well as music, dances, and crafts. Entry was free with a range of offerings to fit most budgets. There was a diversity of people that made the small Indiana town feel BIG.


What are local summer festivals you enjoy? Why? How many times would you go before you get bored? I suppose it also depends on who you bring with you.  This year I was happy to have the company of  my beloved, my friends and my babies. The smiles say it all. I would go again.


Ahhh….good summer memories. Thank you, dear readers, for helping me re-live them.

Wishing you an August with long beautiful shadows and slow time with your loved ones,





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