Wobblyogi Wednesday: Sutra Inspired Gentle Sequence

Today’s Gentle Yoga Practice was based on one of my favorite sutras that reminds us: Yoga is NOT a quick fix.

A yoga practice requires consistency, duration and intention. Like anything in life, small steady steps lead us through any desired change of habit or state. When I find a pose difficult this sutra gives me assurance. When I feel the road ahead long and impossble, it’s a gentle reminder about the greatness of small consistent steps.

Here it is according to Georg Feuerstein’s translation:

Yoga Sutra 1.14:

But this [practice] is firmly grounded [only after it has been] cultivated properly and for a long time uninterruptedly.

For our asana practice, I used circles: arms, hips, legs, toes as a way to give shape to the idea of steady continuity and repetition. For our meditation, we focused on gratitude for something that gives us consistency and steadiness to our days.





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