Inauthentic Recipes

Ever since my babies started eating I imagined compiling a recipe book for them. It would be a genealogy, a biography, a map for future taste experiences. I am so proud of  Amani and Atiya for their adventurous tastes, open minds, and generous hearts. Since our connections to both Bangladeshi culture and religion are tenuous, food is the primary way we relate back to our South Asian roots. It is important to me that they taste the bittersweet weight of their cultural heritage wherever life may take them. May they sip tea in the morning and find strength in the generations of women who have done so before them. I remember my grandmother pouring her hot tea in the saucer, to cool and sip it…..even if she was in a rush, she never looked rushed. I never sip tea alone.

My “baby” Amani turns 21 this week. It is time, I get my act together and make that book.

I’d like to make the recipes searchable and easier to access on this blog. If you have suggestions please let me know. I could use some advice!

Wishing you happy eating,



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