Justaddwater: Bringing molecular gastronomy home


The January issue of the popular design magazine Metropolis has a short story about the designed nutrition and flavor system branded “justaddwater.” The designers call this a nutrition ecosystem that adjusts to the needs of the user, recommends and prepares appropriate meals (with the inclusion of flavor pills and fresh ingredients). Its like a strange mix of convenient keurig machine and a responsive nest climate controller. It takes the cooking out of cooking and offers a healthy replacement for precooked meals or fast food. For a restricted diet, it certainly would be helpful. Here is a quote from designboom.com,

‘justaddwater’ is a step toward transferring the food revolution of molecular gastronomy from exotic and high-end restaurants into the home, expanding the trend from elite consumers, to the more mainstream market. its values lie in bringing new appreciation to what we put into our bodies — gratifying one through gastronomic pleasure, while respecting food, its associated rituals and nutritional values. above all, it aims at doing this through a renewed design language, merging the artificial with the natural in a way that is beneficial and does not pose any friction.

The websites below have demonstrations and more information about this future direction in food design. What do you think?



koz susani design harvest justaddwater nutrition ecosystem


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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