Justaddwater: Bringing molecular gastronomy home

The January issue of the popular design magazine Metropolis has a short story about the designed nutrition and flavor system branded “justaddwater.” The designers call this a nutrition ecosystem that adjusts to the needs of the user, recommends and prepares appropriate meals (with the inclusion of flavor pills and fresh ingredients). Its like a strange… Read More Justaddwater: Bringing molecular gastronomy home

Food, Color and Happiness

Truck Image from: http://www.saglobalaffairs.com/features/1445-a-moving-riot-of-color.html A blogger from Tasmania, Australia, Harry wrote an entry entitled The Happiest City in the World that referred to Rajshahi, Bangladesh, voted the happiest city on earth by the World Happiness Survey in 2006. What accounts for the happiness in such a difficult social, political and economic context? He asked. His blog… Read More Food, Color and Happiness