Boil, Steam, Eat – no recipe required 

 This year we celebrated the American Declaration of Independence on July 4th with the simplicity of steamed and boiled seafood. A deviation from our usual BBQ chicken and accompaniments, but well worth it! Aside from the seafood, corn and potatoes we had melted butter, ghee, sweet rolls and sweet tea on the table. It was fun, messy, steamy, decadent and delicious.

Frankly, I think the kids would’ve been happier without the old bay seasoning. I, on the hand, had to resist the urge to make a curry with the crab legs. Hmmm… Now that I think about it…. Maybe a few curry dipping sauces next year? Simplicity is difficult.

If you’re in the U.S, I hope you had a delicious and bright holiday too!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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