Hungryphil’s Favorites from the Taste of Indy

IMG_0873 IMG_0872

The BBQ & Brew Fest

Last weekend we ate through the Taste of Indy for the first time.  A good variety and large number of food venders and trucks were just waiting to tickle our taste buds. It was a wonderful excuse to walk around, eat and drink on a summer day. The music and entertainment certainly added to the happy atmosphere. Would definitely do it again and drag others too. My favorites were:

Soulrito’s Chicken Korean Inspired Tacos were the most inventive.

Da Blue Lagoon’s Jamaican Food Truck’s Coconut Chicken Curry.

I also very much enjoyed Crab Cake Sandwiches and desserts from both Gigi’s Cupcakes and Sweeties.

If any of you went, would love to hear about your experience! Also, let me know if you know of anyone writing about the proliferation of food trucks, food festivals and tourism. What do you think drives food centric entertainment today? Didn’t we always like to eat?

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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