“Epic” S’mores (according to Jim)

Jim, my beloved, strongly suggested that I write a blog post about his “epic” s’more production last Sunday. So, this is for you, Jim. There was fire, chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows. Yes, the s’mores were very delicious if not “epic.” The combination of a beautiful summer evening, building a fire, individual roasting and assembling, messy outdoor eating, make s’mores a magical and fun family experience. There was a moment of debate about the merits of new square marshmallows versus round marshmallows. I felt the round was better for uniform roasting over an open fire, while Jim sung the merits of the square’s easy consistent assembly over the also square graham crackers and chocolate. It is still an unresolved debate between whether the marshmallow should relate to the stick and fire or the crackers and chocolate. What do you, my fellow hungry philosophers, think?
Last weekend Jim also gleefully discovered roasted hatch chilies at our local super market. 

With help from a few boiled tomatillos (probably should’ve roasted those too… Next time), garlic, salt, cilantro, we now have yummy salsa verde waiting to become chicken enchiladas tonight and maybe something else another night.

 Good discovery, Jim. What a busy weekend we had! What are we doing for Labor Day Weekend?

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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