Bananas Two Ways: Detox and Decadence

IMG_1891 IMG_1892

This Labor Day Weekend I am guilty of contradictory eating. Or maybe, exactly as eating should be. You decide. I tried two different recipes. First, a Banoffi pie made of caramelized condensed milk that made a toffee base for sliced bananas in a graham cracker crust topped with whipped cream. Decadent and yummy.  And the second, as if to make up for the sinful gluttony of the pie, a green detox smoothie (spinach, pears, bananas, parsley, mint, lemon, almond milk and a whole bunch of spices including tumeric and chili powder blended together). Not very yummy. Thankfully I did not have the smoothie and pie at the same time. That would be……….. not good.

Bananas, used in very different ways and tastes, were the common ingredient in both. Few ingredients can work in such diverse modes of savory-sweet, decadent- simple, like eggs, lemons and today I’ve learned, bananas. I wish I were so multi talented and flexible. Hope you all had a delicious weekend of diverse tastes like me.

The recipe for the Banofee pie was inspired by

The recipe for the green detox smoothie comes from

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