Testing Easy Apple Roses Recipe

Like many of you, I was fascinated by the apple roses recipe posted on facebook last week. Last weekend, I thought I’d test it. It was supposed to be super simple. Basically roll sliced apples in puff pastry, bake and taaa daaaa….delicious dessert.


Few issues. Tried to make it from my faulty memory.

  1. Didn’t heat the sliced apples in order to make them flexible. So it was a bit difficult to wrap. I broke a few peices.
  2. Didn’t spray the bottom of the muffin tin. It was difficult to get the roses out.
  3. Didn’t bake it long enough for fear of burning the uncooked apples. The pastry was a bit doughy.

Despite these issues. It was still delicious and beautiful. Happy to test it again and again.


There are quite a few recipes online. I don’t know which one I glimpsed as I scrolled down my facebook page. Here is one:

Did you try the recipe?

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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