Simplicity – Chef Alexandre Couillon


“When you get a star you question everything. I looked to Celine and said “What should we do?”…..Here was our chance to do something different. And, that’s where the idea of demolishing everything began…to start from scratch, to say, “we are going to build a real restaurant.” We started to put a lot of things in the dishes with no particular construction. We were trying to be different. We tried tomato ice cream with potato chips. We made shallot orange jams, tomato juice drinks…We were doing all this in one dish. It was ten dishes in one. We were lost.

….Simplicity is what gives us so much emotion. The goal was to imagine that there was no separation between the sea and the kitchen. That’s what I was missing. That is the path of the future.We started to simplify dishes…to refocus our cuisine.”

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Quote from: Chef Alexandre Couillon of La Marine from The Chef’s Table, Season 5


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