The Gesture – Chef Alain Passard

“In cuisine, in music, in sculpture, in painting, it’s everything. Either we like the gesture, either we like the hand, or we don’t. Me, I love it. It might be the sense I like the most. Maybe even more than the sense of taste. And this hand…if we want it to be more beautiful, we must work seven hours, eight hours, ten hours in the kitchen everyday. This makes the hand more precise, more accurate and more elegant. That’s the trick.”

The three Michelin star chef, Alain Passard of Arpege explains the fine-tuned sense of gesture in being a great chef.  Advice, I think applicable to any creative and innovative practice: CULTIVATE THE HAND!


Alain Passard’s Ratatouille

From the Mind of A Chef, season 5.

Fruit Salad Image from:





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