Edible Indy Story Follow-up: Dinner on the Farm at Prophetstown State Park


It is so validating and reassuring when an event I anticipated and promoted lives up to my hopes. The story of dinner on the Farm was published in the recent summer issue of Edible Indy Magazine. Last Friday, Jim and I had dinner on the Farm prepared by Chef Lauren Reed. It was a wonderful experience. Dining in the 1920s reconstructed Sears Mailorder farmhouse living room complete with period-inspired china and cutlery gave the experience a time capsule feel. We met two lovely couples at our table and traded stories about places and hobbies we enjoy. The context and conversation were only outdone by the food. Chef Lauren did an excellent job showcasing the seasonal vegetables  She placed the vegetable on a pedestal of a crunchy phyllo-dough tart shell in one course. In another course, a slice of tender beef perched on top of goat cheese. There were stuffed, braised and sauced seasonal elements. She did amazing things with corn stuffed in peppers and corn pudding. The corn pudding and blueberry sauce would be wonderful on its own or paired with any meat. I’ll have to try it at home.

If you haven’t had the chance to try dinner on the farm, you still have time. What a delicious way to support a local treasure and learning resource. Check out the park and their website: http://prophetstown.org/#sthash.IDlGKnsK.dpbs

Wishing you sweet corn and juicy tomatoes,




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