Inorganic Recipes from Artist Charles A. Gick

Don’t miss this extraordinary exhibition about ordinary things, like dirt and spoons. Here is why… This local studio to gallery recipe grows out of a Catholic farming family in Indiana. Artist and inorganic chef, Charles Gick, has been perfecting the cracked earth recipe since his childhood on the farm, drawing with a stick on summer… Read More Inorganic Recipes from Artist Charles A. Gick

Hungryphil eats Cincinnati, Ohio 

  I was drawn to Cincinnati by the International Zizek Studies Conference and it’s keynote speakers:  Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, himself and Graham Harman (a pivotal figure for Object Oriented Ontology), a philosopher now teaching at Southern California Institute of Architecture (after having taught at the American University  in Cairo for 18 years). I was… Read More Hungryphil eats Cincinnati, Ohio