Architect of my soul

Long ago as an architecture student, I would dream about walking through the designs I was working on (this often turned into nightmares!). Even today, I often dream of being lost in interior spaces both familiar and unfamiliar. It is no surprise that architectural metaphors, thinking and space infuse my understanding of philosophy and therapy. After all, my dissertation was about Heidegger used in architecture. Now, I’m working on Eugene Gendlin’s understanding of Heidegger in Focusing therapy.

Most clients I work with are trapped in time. Traumatic time. For me, I work as their architect, creating space in their lives for the present, for love, for forgiveness, for openness, for beauty.

In therapy I invite others into my own metaphorical home where I am centered, happy and at peace. Maintaining this house is my professional duty. I spend one day a week, at least, cleaning, repairing and organizing this home. As I write, I am organizing this home by opening the windows into my process. This is related to Expressive Arts Therapy and an attempt to digest a reformated “introjection” about the idea of home for me.

Ask yourself, when do I feel completely at home?

The answer will show you the way to your inner eternal space, out of your time, your history, your expectations. This also the basis of the “safe place” mindfulness practice often utilized in treating trauma and anxiety.

Now ask yourself, what brings me back towards home, when I feel lost?

The answer will show you the road, the stops, the vehicle you need to return to yourself. For me, the road includes, connecting with my daughters, husband, reading and buying new books, learning something new, listening to music, eating something delicious ( I am after all the hungry-philosopher) and writing (as I am now).

Whether or not you work in counseling and healing services, it is imperative that you be a home maker.

A home-maker. An architect of your own soul NOT a house-wife, trapped in a role construction. Many of us, most our lives, live as housewives not homemakers.

Today may you be your own home-maker architect and may this confidence allow you to invite others who need space,


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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